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Ep 17: Sean

Date: 05/16/2023 | Run Time: 40:00

Sean Hamilton grew up in a small town in Idaho and was always itching to grow up and move to the big city and follow his dreams. However, where he would end up is not at all what he expected.

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Ep 16: Andrew (Thinkspace)

Date: 05/04/2023 | Run Time: 37:27

Andrew Hosner is currently the head curator and co-owner of the Thinkspace art gallery. Growing up he had no idea he would ever be a curator much less change the lives of those he works with and meets through his projects. 

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Ep 15: The Jealous Curator

Date: 04/11/2023 | Run Time: 32:32

The Jealous Curator (Danielle Krysa) was always an artsy kid growing up but after going to art school she felt unsure of her art and gave it up for 15 years. Join Jacob as we discover how she built up her confidence to make art and show it to the world.

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Ep 14: Somnath

Date: 03/28/2023 | Run Time: 26:18

Somnath Pal draws, makes animation, and even works on movies. However, he didn’t always know he would be able to pursue all of his creative endeavors. He had to throw all his ideas at the wall and work overtime to get where he is today. So join me while we hear the story of Somnath and how he got some of those ideas to stick.

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Ep 13: Sara

Date: 03/14/2023 | Run Time: 27:51

This is the story of artist Sara Fasolin (aka Sara Baun). When growing up she always would follow others and never quite knew what her path was in life. She would constantly go in seemingly random directions taking different jobs and classes. But was it random or was it all part of a bigger plan? Join us today as we find out what created Sara Baun the artist.

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Ep 12: Andi

Date: 02/28/2023 | Run Time: 34:16

Andi Soto is an illustration artist from Panama. She grew up outside the city near the jungle and fell in love with anime and before she knew it all she wanted to do was make mangas. However, as we all know life is not always so straightforward and Andi had quite a journey ahead of her if she wanted to be an artist.

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Ep 11: Mendoza 

Date: 02/14/2023 | Run Time: 28:53

Becoming an artist takes patience, determination, and a desire to continue to learn. Zach Mendoza considers himself always a student ready to expand his knowledge and make each work better than the last. Join me in this episode as we learn where Zach has come from and where he is headed.

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Ep 10: Ben

Date: 01/31/2023 | Run Time: 39:27

Ben Avlis always made art growing up and he knew that all he wanted to be was an artist but he needed a push to chase that dream and one day life pushed him so hard that he had to listen. This is the story of how Ben overcame life and gained the courage to become an artist against all odds.

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Ep 09: Mvndeep

Date: 01/17/2023 | Run Time: 27:34

Mvndeep was the kinda child that just couldn’t sit still. Lucky for him and his parents, they found a pretty easy way to get him to focus; that was art. As he continued his journey in life art would become something he needed to survive.

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