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Jon Parlangli

About the Artist

For over 20 years, I’ve been an active participant in Detroit’s art scene sharing a passion for the city and its influence on my psyche. My education first began at Western Michigan University centering around sculpture. I thought the macro, the bigger the better when it came to sculpture, and relished in the works of Mark di Suvero, John Chamberlain and especially Frank Stella’s Moby Dick series. However, a couple of years in I fell upon the simpler, more micro beauty of surface itself, and that experimentation enabled me to pull me away from the physical, three dimensional form. Soon after I left the school for a fresh perspective in the city of Detroit and at Wayne State University’s enigmatic painting department. It was at that urban gem where I really discovered the rich parallels in grittiness and character my canvas shared with Detroit. My painting journey truly began there, and I have remained in the area since, passing up opportunities to relocate East and West, and always responding heavily to the cultural grit of the city. Stylistically in painting, after illicit affairs with other disciplines and experimentations over the years, I have come to a personal reckoning with the Abstract Expressionist School, including artists like de Kooning, Frankenthaler, Mitchell and more. And always with sculpture on my mind, be it in thought  or action.

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