About Artist

I must have created many thousands of paintings over my career. I love
the process of coming up with an idea from nothing to deliver
something with humour And some shock value. I love this New generation
of memes and people love them thinking its Just silly but for me I
took it like art.

I studied fine arts in Brussels and Antwerp and because It was all
serious and for me talking and copying artist who lived 100s of years
ago was Just a waste of time for me at that time I learned more about
them when I studied pop art and urban art i understood the past and
knew where I wanna take My career it gave me that condidence to create
whats I think was funny with a little irony

The act of satire sarcasm and irony helped me to focus on creative
construction. All my life, the process has been growing, and it seems
to coincide with my development as a person.

I can paint with every material available but My love goes to oil
paint I can focus on the details and structure.

I have a painting available for you Called “Le syndrom de napoleon”

Its about the napoleon syndrom the perception of taking pictures
specially selfies.

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